Supporting sustainable and transformational development in Africa through higher education.

We organize conferences, develop and carry out research projects for clients, facilitate and promote publications on higher education research, organize public debates and produce position papers on current and critical affairs of the society, facilitate scholarship and support for masters and doctoral studies for Africans.


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Our Story

The overriding goal of Africa higher education research institute (AHERI) is to take stock of emerging issues in higher education in Africa with a view to addressing them through innovative approaches, collaborative practice, and action research. This is achieved through experienced practitioners (academics), early career researchers, relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies, and the industry working closely to identify, characterize, and remedy challenges and trends that undermine the potential of higher education in Africa.

Aheri was Founded

High-level Conferences Held

Non-Governmental Organization

What we do

  1. Convene workshops, seminars, and conferences on African higher education
  2. Conduct action research on higher education issues
  3. Provide consultancy services (see focus areas below)
  4. Train fellows on Research Methodology and Grant Writing
  5. Publish a biennial peer reviewed issue of AHERI Journal

Focus Areas
  • Funding and resource management in Higher Education (HE)
  • Access and equity issues in HE
  • Quality and relevance in HE
  • Research activities in HE
  • Access to technology
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnership
  • Curriculum formulation and implementation in HE
  • Program specialization, orientation, and differentiation
  • Entrenching African epistemologies in African universities
  • Governance systems in HE
  • The theory-practice divide
  • Skills-competencies match/mismatch
  • Transition from school to work
  • Regionalization and internationalization
  • Sector reforms in HE
AHERI set up the below objectives to achieve its mission in solving problems identified in Higher Education:
  1. Support local solutions to higher education challenges through action research
  2. Build research capacity of targeted fellows and their institutions through seminars, workshops, and conferences
  3. Organize and coordinate intersectoral engagement involving industry, governmental and non-governmental agencies and the academia.
  4. Deepen knowledge on various aspects of higher education in Africa
  5. Inform policy formulation, planning, implementation, and monitoring in the context of higher education in Africa.
  6. Provide an institutional forum for debating, disseminating, and communicating research findings on emerging issues in higher education.
  7. Entrench and intensify multidisciplinary research initiatives
  8. Provide training and support services to early career researchers
  9. Publish a biennial peer reviewed issue of AHERI Journal
At station support services
  1. English language editing and proofreading
  2. Academic writing
who we are

AHERI in the community, watch our journey.

Our vision is to support sustainable and transformational development in Africa through higher education.

We advocate for the implementation of the research findings through influencing decision making within the higher education sector towards general development in African States.

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