How can we grow a movement to accelerate the growth of scalable and sustainable Community Networks in Kenya? This is the question that the inaugural Kenya National School of Community Networks tried to comprehend, solve and come up with solutions during the Kenya National School of Community Networks training that took place from 28th March – 4th April 2022 in Kisumu, hosted by AHERINET.

The National School Movement was initiated by APC-LocNet,  in partnership with Rhizomatica with support from KICTANet. The initiative is part of an initiative tagged “Supporting Community-Led Approaches to Addressing the Digital Divide” that aims to bring upcoming community networks together through the leadership of a peer community network to facilitate training and mentorship.

In Kenya, this initiative was conveyed by TunapandaNet (Nairobi) and it engaged the seven other Community Networks in the country that include; AheriNet in Kisumu, Lanet Umoja in Nakuru, Dunia Moja in Kilifi, Oasis in Mathare, Action pour Le Progress in Kakuma, Ng’arua Maarifa Center in Laikipia and Athi Community Network in Meru.

Each Community Network was represented by 3 peers who went through meticulous training and mentorship on the three themed modules that each peer was conversant with. During each of these sessions, the peers shared their day-to-day experiences while identifying the challenges and gaps in their individual Community Networks.

The modules included:

  1. Network Infrastructure and Services
  2. Sustainability
  3. Policy, Regulation & Legislation

This was a great experience for the different Community Networks to create relationships, share their successes, failures and opportunities as well as co-creating the future of the Community Networks Movement in Kenya towards a faster collective social impact.

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