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Africa Higher Education Research Institute (AHERI) focuses on making higher education relevant to sustainable development in Africa. It does this through hosting conferences, colloquia and high-level discussions which bring together researchers to turn ideas into action.

On May 5th, 2021 we held a virtual Fireside Chat that focused on the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on internship programmes. We had a remarkable panel of discussants from across the globe that included representatives from the Association of African Universities (AAU), Ministry of East Africa and Regional Development, Commission for University Education (Kenya), Longhorn Publishers and African Development Centre at Microsoft. The conference identified “partnership” as vital to closing the gaps and challenges that hinder innovation and recommended that the theme of the next conference be focused on “partnerships in higher education”. Guided by AHERIs vision of Ideas into Action, two projects have since been implemented through partnerships emanating from the AHERI2020 Conference which will be showcased at the AHERI 2021 Conference.
Covid-19 pandemic has effectively demonstrated that internet connectivity is not only a basic need for economic resilience but a sure way to bridge the divide and differences in development. Internet connectivity on its own without being utilized is futile and therefore we need to ensure that connectivity translates to meaningful uses that change the livelihood of the users. There is a great opportunity for intervention through innovation for the unserved and underserved. However, successful intervention requires a multifaceted approach from all stakeholders. There is a need for partnerships to fund research, roll out infrastructure and capacity building to empower and transform communities through innovation. AHERI 2021 Conference provides an opportunity to initiate such a partnership. It will be hybrid in format with a physical presence of 50 participants representing higher education institutions, industry players and government agencies and a larger portion of participants attending virtually. Following the successful virtual deployment of the AHERI 2020 Conference and AHERI Fireside Chat, we look forward to an invigorating and stimulating AHERI 2021 Conference.

You will learn from international and regional experts and industry stakeholders discussing the latest developments and issues in the global and regional Higher Education e-Learning ecosystem. You will also participate with stakeholders from various sectors across Africa and the world, in discussions on opportunities for improvement in Digital Literacy, Legislation & Governance, Online Teaching Accreditation, and much more in the Higher Education context.


  • Professionals and organizations in the e-Learning and open learning industry and Higher Education.
  • Leaders of Higher Education
  • ICT & Academic department heads together with Internet Service providers
  • Lecturers, Students, Higher Education Research institutions in Africa
  • Education policy-makers in Multilateral and Governmental agencies
  • Financial Investors



AHERI, the conference convener, is a Higher Education research institute that aims to provide policy solutions in the higher education sector by:
1. Promoting and supporting networking among higher education researchers in the region.
2. Identifying pertinent issues affecting higher education.
3. Carrying out relevant research aimed at improving higher education.
4. Publishing and documenting information on higher education.
5. Advocating for the implementation of the research findings through influencing decision making within the higher education sector towards general development in the African States.

Community Initiative Support Services is demand-driven, not for a profit-making development organization that explores and develops innovative frameworks based on its experiences to attain sustainable development.


Nov 03 2021


09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

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Best Western Hotel, Kisumu
Best Western Hotel, Kisumu
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