AHERI 2022 Conference – Arusha

November 3rd – 4th

“Building partnerships to support innovation in higher education institutions through knowledge diplomacy”








Objectives of the Conference

Develop multisectoral networks among institutions at regional and international levels whose mandate and impact target innovation through collaboration.

Facilitate knowledge exchange on best practices and opportunities for sustainable development

Showcase solutions and best practices suitable for upscaling which address common challenges in East Africa region and Africa in general

Target Participants

Participants will be drawn from the following:

  1. Higher education institutions, academicians, and enthusiasts from different disciplines.
  2. Government agencies and departments in respective line government ministries.
  3. Industries, financial institutions, and representative organizations benefit and promote innovation through knowledge diplomacy.
  4. Diplomats and development organizations that support innovation, and economic and social development.


Expected Outcomes

  1. Publication of conference proceedings
  2. Identification of opportunities and gaps in innovation that can be addressed through partnership and knowledge diplomacy in East Africa.
  3. Production of a report on mapping of institutions and organizations that contribute to the optimization of knowledge diplomacy.
  4. Certificates will be given based on 70% attendance



For higher education to foster development,  there is a need for a greater understanding of institutions of higher education and the resources available to them to enable them to achieve this task. The greatest advancements and most instrumental inventions in our times have been in the area of information technology. Information technology is billed to be the most influential factor in any undertaking, improving efficiency and increasing quality tremendously in the long term. It is for this purpose that (AHERI) was established.


The East African Business Council (EABC) is the regional apex body of Private Sector associations and corporates in East Africa with a single purpose of driving the East African Community integration process through trade and investment.

To achieve this EABC works with the public sector, East African Community (EAC) institutions, academia, and the business community to unlock economic potential through increased physical access to markets, enhanced trade environment and improved business competitiveness.

***The conveners of the conference (AHERI &EABC) will not sponsor participants who would want to attend in person.***